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About Salani Group

The philosophy of Salani Group embraces a commitment to providing services of excellence and it is within the context of this philosophy that we pursue opportunities in the local and international markets, both independently and in association with strategic partners.

Salani Group provides a one-stop shopping to clients from construction management to operations and maintenance. We can provide comprehensive services throughout the life of a project, working as a team member, acting as programme manager, or leading an entire project.

With our advanced technical and management services, Salani Group helps clients create sustainable projects with longevity, low maintenance and low energy demand. Our client-centred approach is key to successful project delivery.

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Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

  • Meet and even exceed the client’s requirements and expectations,
  • Achieve, through teamwork, the predetermined objectives of time, scope, cost, quality, and participant satisfaction,
  • Offer efficient, innovative, and flexible services catering for the uniqueness of each
  • Enhance human and economic development to the advantage of both the community and the environment

Quality, highest integrity, professionally, accountability, and ethically

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance put in place Processes and Structures which the Company is controlled and set up direction. The structure makes shoo that the company has good Governance and ethical Leadership, it also identifies the distribution of Rights and Responsibilities among different participants in the Company such as: (The Board of Directors, Manager, Employees, Shareholders, Creditors, Auditors among others).

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